What is Brigadeiro and Why You Should Try our Brigadeiro Cookies!

in Jul 17, 2020

The name brigadeiro means “brigadier” in English and is the most popular Brazilian treat, served in every event. Traditionally cooked at home, brigadeiros are made from simple ingredients you can find anywhere!

One could argue that brigadeiro (bre-ga-de-ro) is the most famous Brazilian sweet. But it’s not only that – brigadeiro is a gesture of love in the form of chocolate.

Traditionally made with very few ingredients (condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate sprinkles covering the outside layer), brigadeiros are omnipresent in Brazilian parties, from birthdays to weddings. Whenever there’s a celebration, brigadeiros will be a part of the party. The delicacy is so loved that it is expected that guests will bring some brigadeiros home after the party, so the hosts must plan accordingly and have plenty of these little balls of bliss!


Making brigadeiros is almost like a form of meditation, a reverence to familial love and friendship appreciation. Each little ball of chocolate is hand-shaped and embedded with joy. And even though it’s recognized as the utmost favourite party sweet in Brazil, it’s not only made for parties!

Kids learn to make it from their parents and grandparents, in preparation for birthday parties. Teenage girls learn pretty early that brigadeiros are the best PMS remedy (trust me on that) and friends make it for movie night. You can roll it for parties but if we’re talking casual happiness + movie, you can eat it straight from the pan!

brigadeiro de panela

For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of eating brigadeiros, it may be hard to understand the concept as it’s not a truffle, nor fudge. It’s not caramel nor brownie. It’s simply and uniquely BRIGADEIRO!

And we say simply but don’t take us for it. It’s actually quite tricky to combine the ingredients in the right proportions and to cook it at the right temperature and for the right time. Beginners usually end up with a burnt pan or an undercooked brigadeiro.

Two decades ago, after cooking the brigadeiro with milk chocolate, you would let it cool and then hand-roll it in the shape of a ball that you would then roll over chocolate sprinkles. In the past years Brazilian have become very creative with their brigadeiro pairings and you now see brigadeiros in many different flavours and types of sprinkles.

Some pairings you can find nowadays are:

  • Dark chocolate with cashew sprinkles
  • White chocolate with coconut
  • Classic and white chocolate fusion
  • Dark chocolate with pistachio
  • White chocolate and passion fruit

gourmet brigadeiros

We’re sure they’re all delicious but we’re still very big fans of the traditional semi-sweet brigadeiro with chocolate sprinkles and this is why I decided to start playing with it.

Having come from Brazil, we wanted to find a way to introduce not only the flavour but also the sentiment of love and caring through brigadeiros to my Canadian friends and customers. And since cookies incite a similar experience of childhood memories and happiness, nothing better than to combine these two staples of Canadian and Brazilian cuisine into one delicious brigadeiro cookie!

We have crafted a new cookie that incorporates our tried-tested and loved chocolate chip cookie recipe with delicious brigadeiro balls. There you go – that dream you didn’t even know you had before now … I made it come true! Isn’t it magic? You’re welcome!

brigadeiro cookie

No psychics here but we’re pretty sure your reaction to them will be exactly that – when take your first bite you’ll feel like you were missing something you hadn’t even tried. Trust your baker!

You can order our delicious gourmet brigadeiro cookies here and we strongly recommend to pair them with a nice cup freshly brewed coffee!

They make a great gift as all our cookies com in cute gift boxes and even cuter handwritten notes with your message! We have made father’s mothers, nieces and friends super happy to get freshly baked cookies as a gift! Let us help you make someone you love happy with our delicious gourmet brigadeiro cookies!  



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