The Best Mothers Deserve the Best Treats!

in Apr 27, 2021

Treats as Sweet as Your Mother Is

Have you been shuffling through stores trying to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Still haven’t found anything? That is because the perfect gift is something your mom can eat, that she does not have to share, but can if she wants to.

So, here is the deal, you want that perfect gift, right? Well, Vancouver Best Cookies has that perfect gift! We have an amazing assortment of cookies guaranteed to satisfy any motherly sweet tooth. We have the perfect option for all our mom’s this Mother’s Day.

Here are just a few that we think would be a great gift for an incredibly special woman.


The “Chocolate Obsessed” Mom

 For our moms who like chocolate more than they like most people, we have our Fully loaded chocolate chip cookies. A chocolate cookie with chocolate chips in it? Yes, please! A double endorphin hit.

The “Gluten Free” Mom

For our more active mom’s looking for a treat that goes with their workout regiment or have a few celiac challenges , we have our Gluten Free Cookie options! Baked with all the fine ingredients we use at our traditional cookies, but using high quality All Gluten Free Flour! These cookies are a great way to kick a craving without overindulging. Perfect for our sporty moms.

The “I’m Not a Cookie Person” Mom

Can you believe it? There are people who do not want cookies. We know, we are just as surprised as you are! If she is not a cookie lover, we offer some of our options that are just as good and have just as much sharing potential. We have mouthwatering specialty cakes. We have treats like brownies and brigadeiros. We even have specialty pies. If your mother has a sweet tooth, we have a treat for her.

The “Shop for My Dog and You’re Shopping for Me” Mom

If your mom considers herself a dog person our Dog Cookies are your best bet. Now getting a gift for the dog in place of your mom is only okay if she prefers it that way. Make sure to ask and, just in case, you should probably order some cookies for her too.

The “I Could Never Pick Just One” Mom

Has your mom ever told you that picking one kind of thing would be like picking a favorite child, “impossible”? Well even though we all know who the favorite child is, we will continue to play along and offer the treasure trove for indecisive people that is our Mother's Day Special Cookie Sampler! 

This Beautiful Cookie Box comes with a dozen cookies- 4 Chocolate Chips, 4 Cranberry and White Chocolate and 4 Classic Shortbread Cookies! The perfect amount of sweets, textures and zingy balance together and guarantee options to your super woman! 

Mother's Day Cookies

If your mom does not fit any of these categories, don’t worry! We still have plenty to choose from!

Now you don’t have any excuse for why you didn’t get her a gift this year. Order soon to make sure they arrive on time!

You can find our favorite cookies for the moment by clicking here. And you can check out our other blogs here. Happy Mother's Day y'all!



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