Easter Chocolate Treats for the Whole Family

in Mar 27, 2021

This Easter is all about finding our community again. What better way to do that than through sharing?

Sharing your time, sharing your company, sharing your love, and most importantly, sharing the warmth of a sweet treat.

This Easter we may not be able to spend time with each other directly, but everyone here at Vancouver Best Cookies would love to help you send your love.

That is why we have created a special Cookie Sampler just for you to order or send, complete with a special message option. We want you to be able to say Happy Easter whether you all are together or not.

Vancouver Best Cookies- Easter Cookies

This assortment includes three of our special Mini Egg Cookies stuffed with chocolate chips and Cadbury eggs. This box also includes three of each favorite: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Fully Loaded Chocolate Cookie and Sprinkled Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

We believe that this cookie assortment has so much chocolate that it is the perfect way to try all our Special flavors for Easter Festivities and celebrate the coming of Spring and the Easter Bunny!

What if you want more than cookies? Then for you, we offer one of our specialty cakes. Just looking at the pictures of these cakes will get your mouth watering. Not to mention the flavors. We have not one, but four delicious looking chocolate cakes. Black Forest Cake, Passion Fruit and Chocolate Mousse Cake, Decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake and our new Spring addition: The Most Delicate Chocolate Cake.

Vancouver Best Cakes- Chocolate Cake

As you can see, we have a heavy assortment of options for you this holiday.

Though if you ask us, to ring in the Easter holiday and really feel like spring has sprung, we recommend a cake that is as moist as the morning dew: The Best Moist Chocolate Cake.

Let us convince you, although it will not take much.

The best moist chocolate cake is elegant and smooth because it is extremely soft and moist! It is the kind of chocolate cake everyone will love. This cake is made with Decadent Belgium Chocolate with Swiss Chocolate Butter Cream frosting and filling, dripped with a blend of dark and milk Chocolate. With three layers of cake, and 2 layers of filling you will have to order this bad boy at least 4 days in advance, but if anything is worth the wait, it is this cake. 

So, did that put you in the sharing spirit?

Then Vancouver Best Cookies (we could also be called Vancouver Best Cakes) is ready to take your order!

Remember that cake needs time to be made, so order it early and order it soon! We could go on, but we feel like if you made it this far, it is time to take this relationship to the next level and place your order!

You can find our favorite cookies for the moment by clicking here. And you can check out our other blogs here.


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