Corporate Orders, New Cookie Recipes, Cakes and Pies. 2021 is rolling!

in Jan 21, 2021

After the incredible run we had in 2020, 2021 started crazy amazing!

Among other news, we have been able to cater different corporate orders which is always exciting! We were invited to work with Sony Pictures and Warner Media catering a few of their production teams in Vancouver as well as partner with local NGOs to supply desserts for their meal needs. This adds to the list of companies that entrusted us with corporate orders including Christian Dior, Kate Spade, Porsche, Peloton, Atomic Cartoons, Acura, Nando's and many others!

At the same time our offerings just got abigger!

We developed new recipes for Valentines including Cinnamon Sugar Cookies and Pink Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies in a beautiful assorted cookie box. As an add-on, we are including a cute giant Stuffed Corgi at our gift portfolio! As always those items are easy to order, since our clients are able to schedule delivery dates and messages for their loved ones!

Ohh, did I mention that we nailed a beautiful recipe for Gelato to pair it with our Brownies? This Gelato is unique because it is whipped and enriched with Condensed milk, giving a beautiful soft and airy texture while having a rich creamy flavour! So now our clients can order a Petit Gateau Brownie Set and make a beautiful fresh dessert at home.

And finally, we have been approached by amazing local bakers in 2020 to deliver their cakes and pies throughout the lower mainland. You can order great baking treats alongside your cookies.

Thank you for the continuous support! And may 2021 be amazing to all of us!

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