Cookie Delivery Charges? More like, Free Cookie Delivery!

in Jun 11, 2020

Being an independent small business is incredibly challenging. We need to go through many different obstacles throughout the week. Sourcing good ingredients, baking the right way, catering a wide range of customer and so forth.

Vancouver Best Cookies- Free Delivery

But one thing that made us honestly believe that we make Vancouver Best Cookies is that we are laser focused on customer service. Our job is essentially to make our customers happy, no matter what!

Baking is time consuming? Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you.

Don’t have time to pick up your order? Just give us a call, we will delivery them to you.

Have a restriction in your diet? Let us know, we will make sure your batch is special!

Can only receive the cookies at night time? We’ll make sure you get them!

Didn’t like your cookies? We will bake you new ones, free of charge!

All of those examples are things that make businesses shine, regardless of size and industry. There is no point of claiming we are independent and small and use it as a crutch not to treat our clients the way they should be treated!

Being in the cookie baking business is super fun because the product itself is yummy and makes us feel comfortable and cozy, both when we make them and when we devour them.

We are super thankful for having this opportunity- bake to so many caring friends and clients around Vancouver- the city we absolutely love- is just a blessing.

So combining everything in one big dough of ideas, we decided to provide Free Delivery (under a few little conditions)! Because it is always fun when you check out and you don’t get surprise by a fee that becomes a turn off from what we consider should be a fun shopping experience.

Before I finish with my conclusion, thank you very much Vancouver for believing in me- I will give my heart to make sure you get the best cookies you tried!

We invite you to try our cookies by ordering online. Delivery is free and we are extremely punctual with them!

Vancouver Best Cookies- Lilly Keung

Thank you


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