Sicilian Lemon Stuffed Cookies

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  • These lemon cookies are zesty and fresh, handmade from a batch of soft, delicious, old-fashioned cookies dough.
  • Made with real lemon juice, this is a perfect for any occasion. A perfect blend of sweet and sour. We stuff this with our signature lemon ganache that is light and rich. 
    • Ingredients: 100% Butter, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Flour, Vanilla Extract, Salt, White Chocolate, Lemon, Fresh Cream.
    • Our dough is made in house with all natural ingredients- they are slightly crispy outside and soft on the inside.

    • Vancouver Best Cookie is proud to bake this classic for you and your family.

      Ideal for Family, Kids, Gifts.

      Please inquire for Catering, Parties and Fundraiser for Special Price.

      Available sizes:

      • Box of 6
      • Box of 12 
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