Playbook & BCCH Fundraiser - Holiday Special

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Welcome to a unique opportunity to indulge in Vancouver Best Cookies' most delectable selections! We’re thrilled to partner with Playbook Logistics and show our support to the BC Children’s Hospital.  

This exclusive cookie box is our way of bringing together the sweetness of giving and the joy of receiving.

Inside Your Exclusive Fundraiser Cookie Box:

  • 3 Chocolate Chip Classics: Each bite is a blend of gooey chocolate and buttery bliss, crafted to bring comfort and joy.
  • 3 Shortbread Sensations: Delicate, crumbly, and kissed with just the right amount of sweetness for a sublime melt-in-your-mouth moment.
  • 3 Ginger Molasses Marvels: A warm hug in cookie form, with a rich molasses depth and a kick of ginger spice.
  • 3 Peppermint White Chocolate Wonders: A festive twist that dances on the palate, combining cool peppermint with creamy white chocolate chips.


Here's How It Works:

  1. Place Your Order: Preorder as many boxes of the Playbook & BCCH Fundraiser - Holiday Special cookie box and have it delivered free of charge by Playbook Logistics before Christmas. *Offer valid exclusively for this cookie box*
  2. Let us know who you are: At checkout, include your company name and company address to help Playbook Logistics deliver your cookies on schedule. 
  3. Delivery: All orders will be lovingly prepared and delivered by Playbook Logistics at your workplace before Christmas.

The Sweetest Part: 35% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the BC Children's Hospital, making each cookie not just a treat for the senses, but a beacon of hope for those in need.

A Note of Exclusivity

We ask that you enjoy and order the Playbook & BCCH Fundraiser - Holiday Special box through this link with the understanding that (a) it's not combined with any other offers on this website; and (b) that it's just for you and your fellow workmates for logistics purposes (free delivery by Playbook). Should you wish to share the joy of giving outside of your workplace, please refer to the secondary link on Playbook Logistics original e-mail for broader sharing.

Thank You for Making a Difference

By choosing this Exclusive Fundraiser Cookie Box, you're not just enjoying a selection of our finest cookies; you're also part of a community dedicated to making a difference. Let's savor this journey of generosity together.


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