Why Birthday Cookies?

in Mar 8, 2021

On your birthday you can always count on consistency. Your best friend will call you at midnight, someone will get you socks that you will pretend to like, and inevitably, there should always be dessert.

Then there are the uncertainties, like what will you be having, is it going to make everyone happy, and whose picking it up? So when the sugar withdrawal is starting to hit, here are three reasons Birthday cookies should be your go to.


Vancouver Best Cookies- Cookie Delivery

  1. You Have Way More Options With Cookies.

Have you ever been in a heated debate about what kind of cake you’re going to get for a party? Inevitably whatever cake you get, no matter how good, you can only get one, and the phrase is the more the merrier, right? You know what doesn’t have that problem? Birthday cookies.

Vancouver Best Cookies offers an assorted box of cookies for all your chocolate chip, nutella, and shortbread loving differences. And you can get more than one box delivered knowing they were cooked fresh with the best ingredients that same day.

  1. Cookies are Better For Your Health

A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips right? Well cookies take less sugar to make, which means, they’re a little bit better for you. Plus, you can control your intake of cookies. At Vancouver Best Cookies, we only use the best ingredients, which means that you know you are getting the best of the best delivered straight to you.


Vancouver Best Cookies- Birthday Cookies

  1. Our Cookies Are Made Fresh Daily And Delivered to you

As a local small business, we are dedicated to your experience with us. When you reach out, you are talking to a real person. When we delivered your cookies, we were part of the baking process too. If things aren’t specifically to your liking, we will make you a fresh batch to make up for it. You will always get the family treatment from us, because then you can give our best to your family.

  1. You can freeze cookies and reheat them a few days later

 They will turn out great, especially because we only use butter that gives our cookies the best consistency towards temperature change. Also, try to reheat a cupcake and see what happens.

  1. Do you realize that cookies make us feel at home, cozy and warm?

There is nothing that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling like biting into a fresh cookie. It's so personal and unique for each one of us, but this beautiful feeling on being with family and friends during Thanksgiving or Christmas is probably one of the best feelings we can have! Having this feeling during a birthday becomes amazing! Let cookies deliver it!   

Vancouver Best Cookies- Cozy Cookie 



So, what is the “too long, didn’t read” of it all? Birthday cookies are the way to go. Vancouver Best Cookies gives you the best ingredients, variety, freshness, and one on one customer service to make your experience number one.

We could go on and on, but we feel like if you made it this far, it’s time to take this relationship to the next level and place your order!


You can find our favorite cookies for the moment by clicking here. And you can check out our other blogs here.

Now the real question is, what can we get you today?

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