5 Fundraising Ideas in Vancouver

in May 6, 2020

One of the coolest ways to help your group fund new activities is to organize a fundraising event.

If you are a part of a School PAC, Swim Club or Church Group, you know what I am talking about.

With fundraising you can run so many new programs and create so many new enhancements that benefit your kids and colleagues, that without them you would not be able to.

With such a Community Driven Spirit in Vancouver, I still wonder why it is so hard to find easy and organized fundraising ideas for parents and organizers.

Based on my personal experience, this job is so hard to the person in charge of fundraising, mainly because there is so much work involved to make this happen and because this is a volunteer position, the person making this happen is always alone, having no help from other members of the group.

So setting up a movie night and bake sale, is not as easy and smooth as people think!

So we decided to compile a list of 5 great fundraising ideas in Vancouver that we have experienced so far:



Vancouver Best Cookies Fundraising- Chipotle

Chipotle’s fundraising programs are great.  You register your club, school or institution at their website, pick a location, set a date and they will reserve that slot for you. They will count 33% of their proceeds to all sales generated in that time slot, makes a purchase and mentions your group.

Once the time frame is complete, they will email you a few days later and inform how many dollars you earned and they will submit a cheque to your institution.

This is actually pretty cool for swim clubs, soccer teams and any sports group. Not only the food is healthy and affordable, but it’s a great chance for teammates to bond over a good tasty burrito.

Just be aware that the program can done twice a year in a 6 months span.

Link to sign up is here: https://community.chipotle.com/fundraisers



Vancouver Best Cookies Fundraising- Chocolate Chip Cookie

We have to talk about our program. We are called Vancouver Best Cookies for a reason- Best Cookie and Best Delivery Service!

Not only our cookies are delicious, but because we handle delivery directly, we make sure that you won’t have any extra work or headache to get them or gift them. Talk about best service right?

So catering Fundraising Activities is no different.

We make sure the Fundraising Organizer has no extra work to order, receive the cookies, sort them and distribute them to their community.

It does sound like a lot of work! Kudos to Fundraising Volunteers!

We thought about a simple way for your club or PAC to make money without this much effort!

Just contact us with your group details and we will send you a specific code. Your only work is to send out the Code to your group and instruct them to order on our website.

When they place an order at our website or by phone, we will deliver their cookies and donate 25% of the proceeds to your institution once the campaign is finished.

Best part is, with so many different cookie selection, we are able to provide healthy choices such as our protein rich cookies for swim clubs, hockey or soccer team, corporate gift choices with beautiful packaging for small business clients, and the traditional goodies that will satisfy your cravings!



Vancouver Best Cookies Fundraising- Recycle Return it Depot

At Return It Depot you can set up a group account at their recycling center. Every time a group member goes to the recycling center, they will input the group’s registration number and print out a label. They just attach the label to the bag of recyclables and that’s it.

All the recycling fees in the bag will be destined towards the institution automatically.

Not only you are helping the environment, but you are also making money for your club or school.

To start, you just need to register an account online at their website here: https://www.return-it.ca/

Examples of how much you can earn- Soda Can $ 0.10, Plastic Bottle $.10, Drink Box $ 0.10



Vancouver Best Cookies Fundraising- Rakuten Flipgive

Now when you shop you can earn cashback and direct them to your charity or institution of your choice.

Websites such as Flipgive and Rakuten, allow you to direct the cashback earned from your shopping towards your group. You can create a campaign on their website for a period. Once this period is finished, they will tally the amount raised and transfer the money to the groups bank account.

The best part of this is that you are able to connect shopping websites such as Amazon, Nike, Lululemon, Staples, Indigo and so forth…so you know you are shopping at reputable retailers and contribute to your cause.

Cashback earning range from 1% to up to 10% sometimes depending on the retailer. Over time, this can go far!



Vancouver Best Cookies Fundraising- Mountain Flatbread

Since 2008 Rocky Mountain Flatbread offers fundraising opportunities to local schools & clubs supporting them in raising thousands of dollars through selling frozen pizzas, fundraising evenings at  restaurants and delivering hot pizza school lunches in Vancouver and Surrey BC.  

This restaurant is so creative that they have many different ways of doing this and put together an easy website so you can know how to do it and how much you can earn.

Just click here for more details: https://www.rockymountainflatbread.ca/fundraising/


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