Cookies Make the Best Corporate Gifts

in Aug 11, 2020

There is no better feeling than the warmth and coziness you get when you eat a batch of freshly baked cookies. There are so many memories from those bites. Brings back holiday celebrations, family comfort and especially childhood memories.

When we created Vancouver Best Cookies, we ensured that those attributes needed to be in place in our cookies. So taste is our top priority!

And to achieve it, not only we only use the best ingredients such as real butter instead of margarine or shortening like most of the bakeries, but we organize our delivery to be as close as possible to when the cookies are ready to eat.


This means that they leave our bakery to your house or office shortly after they come out of the oven - they need some time to cool down. ;) That means we don't limit our delivery times to one day of the week or a time slot on weekdays. Instead, we contact our customer and try to arrange the best time to deliver the cookies (just like the old days)

This way, when they have their first bite, they will get all those feelings we just mentioned on your taste buds.

This practice has been very well accepted among our friends and enthusiasts, which makes our team immensely proud.

Here are some situations where we delivered freshly baked cookies as gifts that turned into a WOW Factor:

  • We were requested to deliver cookies at 7:30 in the morning Downtown Vancouver so a corporate board meeting in a prestigious Venture Capital Firm could be well catered. Cookies were baked 6:00 in the morning and arrived at their office on time to be enjoyed fresh. It was a huge success!
  • Another time a realtor had closed a house sale, and to help their clients celebrate this great moment, they wanted us to send a box of cookies to their client in Coquitlam. The batch was baked a couple of hours before delivery and enjoyed with a lot of satisfaction. To make things even sweeter, they enjoyed free shipping and a beautiful handwritten card with a message of the realtor's choice.
  • The headquarters of a Fashion Giant in New York wanted to thank their staff in their flagship store located in downtown Vancouver. They specifically asked for a special package and pictures of the box before being delivered to the store. Not only did we comply with all of their requests, but we took cool pictures of the staff thanking them for the gift.
  • An Airbnb host had some issues during a guest stay and wanted us to deliver cookies as a token of appreciation on the same day they were checking out. The rush order was gracefully fulfilled, and the out of town guests were so excited because they were able to try a treat from the great city of Vancouver! The client was happily surprised, and the host received a 5-star review!


We know we make the Best Cookies in Vancouver because we do it from our heart…and passion makes it yummy! But to achieve perfection, we are committed to delivering the best customer experience to our clients and recipients, even if this means going the extra mile.


Find the perfect gift for business partners of any kind at Vancouver Best Cookies. With everything from our mouth-watering signature cookies to gourmet corporate gift baskets filled with assorted fresh-baked cookies, you're sure to find great gifts for any office setting and clients. And, no matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that everyone in the group will find something to love inside. Whether you want to send a token of appreciation to your clients, to your coworkers, or office mates, you'll find that we have cookies that will please all tastes. Order online or call us to discuss your order! 


 We learned to bake with love since we started our small business. Our goal is to bring that cozy warm feeling of smelling freshly baked cookies, coming out of the oven, and you can't wait to get the first bite!

Comfortable, Delicious and Fresh.

Proudly established in Vancouver, we aim to make life easier one bite at a time.

Our line of cookies is divided into Traditional, Vegan, Protein and Sugar-Free. Oh, we can also bake a treat for dogs and cats, so you can enjoy these yummies with your best friends!


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